View Full Version : Newbie with Chinese laser and lots of Questions

Bruce Dorworth
06-13-2011, 3:05 AM
Rather than hijack Rodne's thread with all of my questions, I thought I would start a new thread.

The laser I purchased was an Argus sck 1290. I purchased this laser through a company named Sunic. The software I am using is called Laser Engrave and Cut system(DSP-4.0) Is anyone else running this software???

Ok, it is safe to say their support is lacking. That is why I am here asking very basic questions.

Through trial and error I was able to get the software and laser working. I am now at the point of trying to send a file to the laser to cut/engrave.

A couple of questions. Do I need to have a printer driver installed? I have looked all through the software and have found no print drivers. Does any one know if a manual exists or this software? It would be great if a tutorial for this software existed.

The brochure for the laser said it was compatible with Corel Draw. Does that just mean it will only open Corel files?

Thanks in advance,
Bruce Dorworth
Vacaville California(northern)