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04-17-2003, 6:20 PM
Once upon a time, kinda around the start of this forum, I posted for suggections on the design, material, constuct of an Art Deco dresser for my son. Well the project is finally under way, started last Sat. Of course about a dozen other items were started and finished while thinkin' on it, mostly a bunch of boxes.
Frame and drawer supports-mahoganey, done and glued up. Side panels-mahoganey bookmatch with walnut center strips, done and glued up. Drawer boxes-BBirch ply-sheets cut, not close to done. Top-double bookmatch walnut crotch, panel done but not sized. Drawer faces will be lacewood-yet to be purchased. Overall look- the Chrysler buidling, size-30wx20dx48t.
Well, I stopped to think, rare event, what to use for drawer pulls? Draw a blank. So any thoughts that would fit the concept and material? Pics would be extemely welcomed.

Tom Gattiker
04-18-2003, 9:06 AM
or a scan of your plan/drawing?

04-19-2003, 8:16 AM
Sorry, but no scanner anymore, it died for no apparent reason. But wouldn't really help, I don't use plans. I make one isometric sketch on my handy quadrill pad, kinda to keep the shape and size (to a couple of inches) in mind as I work, then mark or note details on it as I go. Very primitive. I'll try to take a couple of shots of where its at now, and note where it may go form there. I will post those later. I just store the stuff in my head and apply it as I go.

Yup, I know thats not how its supposed to be done, but I do any way.

A friend of mine took a university furniture design and constuction class, very high level. His assignment-a simple desk with drawer. Prepare the design, do the construction details, construct the desk. Naturally he did it his way. (He does very high end work for a lot of churches.) The prof gave him a D and told him his desk was the finest piece done for the class and in many years. To his query, "Why a D then?" The prof opined that the desk was built first, then the construction details were done and finally the plans prepared. Naturally he was right, that's Charlies way.