View Full Version : San Jose CA Wood Source

Michael Perata
02-08-2005, 10:33 PM
I was down at Aura Hardwoods Saturday and their selection of wood was, shall we say - uggggh!

Has anyone ever done business with Global Wood Source on Terminal Ave, San Jose.

Rob Littleton
02-09-2005, 7:59 AM
Global Wood Source is a sponsor fo the FPP.

They are great people and I am no proffesional, but I really liked the selection of wood they had.

Mention me and Rusty.

good luck

Jon Olson
02-09-2005, 9:08 AM

I have used them a lot. They are right around the corner from my work. The company has a good size selection of rough hard woods and exotics. A lot of veener also, though I have not bought any veener from them. They carry large amounts of plywood and BURLS!!! There is always a hugh burl or two that they are cutting up out front. Pretty friendly, I'm sure if I was in there more and bought more, they be a little more friendly. (they don't like to talk about it but they use to be one half of the owners of Northern Hardwood (off De La Cruz in Santa Clara) )

There wood is good quality. Give them a try.


Michael Perata
02-09-2005, 4:07 PM
Thanks guys. I remember Northern.