View Full Version : outdoor plaques

tony mazzone
05-26-2011, 10:43 PM
Hi All,

I need some ideas for outdoor plaques about 6x6 or 7x9 that I can make with a laser engraver. I have a customer that will be giving me continuous orders but I have to send him samples with prices.


Dan Hintz
05-27-2011, 6:53 AM
Corian... 'nuff said.

Mike Null
05-27-2011, 9:18 AM

There are other outdoor plastics from Rowmark and IPI that can be mounted to a suitable plaque backing to produce quite good results. Take a look at the Rowmark and Johnson Plastics web sites for ideas.

tony mazzone
05-27-2011, 9:03 PM
Thanks All. I was leaning toward corian but wanted to see if there were any alternatives.

Keith Outten
05-27-2011, 9:20 PM

If you decide to go with Glacier white Corian your material cost per 6" by 8" plaques will be less than $5 per plaque based on the wholesale price I pay from my local distributor.