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Jim Park
02-07-2005, 9:01 PM
Hi everyone,
Well, my dad purchased a Universal Veralaser vl200 for his rubber stamp and engraving company.... what's better than using your own engraver??? using your dad's and let him pay for it.;) Just kidding, he's not exactly what you'd call computer savvy, so I'm helping him through the learning curve and learning lots about laser engraving along the way. I've read all ten pages of posts on this site and can't believe how much informaiton there is here.
Anyway, I'm just setting up the advanced driver for the VL200 and wondering if anyone has any quick thoughts for using the advanced driver over the standard one? Looks kind of confusing, but I'm sure I'll muddle through it.

Thanks and have a great day!!!

Mark Singer
02-07-2005, 9:55 PM
Welcome and join this terrific group....we are always glad to see Canadians here....or anyone for that matter;)

Gary Shoemake
02-07-2005, 10:32 PM
Welcome to the Creek. There are many here that will offer you excellent insight on the care and maintaince of your laser. There's also many really cool ideas of what you can do with it.


Mike Mackenzie
02-07-2005, 10:58 PM

Welcome to the Universal family. The advanced driver just allows you more infinate control over power and speeds. Those settings are pre programed in the materials based driver.

Let me know if you have any specific questions or need any help with the system.

Keith Outten
02-08-2005, 7:22 AM
Welcome Jim,

You will find a wealth of information here at the Creek and lots of friendly people willing to share their knowledge. Enjoy!