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Gary Max
05-25-2011, 5:53 AM
I just finished putting a nice old Hover bench grinder back to work. The wheels are 1x8 inchs and a very fine grit. I powered her with a 1725 -- 3/4hp motor.
I want to buy wheels that are coarser and have no ideal what to look for. My goal is to sharpen HHS square stock for wood lathe tools.


Jim Sears
05-25-2011, 8:54 AM

Chris Fournier
05-25-2011, 11:37 AM
T1-46A WA46H8V8 WHITE This is a great wheel for HSS. 46 grit is very popular in toolrooms where HSS is being ground. I use this and a 60 grit wheel on my bench grinder.

Gary Max
05-25-2011, 1:12 PM
Thanks Chris----- jsut what I needed ---someone who's been there.

Don Geiger
05-28-2011, 4:27 PM
I use Norton 3X 80 grit wheels for my high HSS woodturning tools with great success. They contain 30% ceramic. Another, more expensive, choice is the Norton SG wheel that contains 60% ceramic.

Don Geiger

Johnny Kleso
06-06-2011, 8:42 PM
46 g-h-i white wheel will work fine for sharpening..

I get some great deals at eBay on grinding wheels..
I bought a case of six 10" 46 h white Norton wheels for $30 a few years ago..

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