View Full Version : Banding / jagged engraving (solution)

Linda Smith Alabama
05-24-2011, 2:32 PM
For the couple of days I've had a problem with banding and jagged engraving on a Chinese 60w laser. Engraving a skinny verticle rectangle with solid black fill I got banding lines and jagged edges on left and right sides of the rectangle.

First thing I did was search here for possible solutions; I tried some of the suggestions....checked driver, reseated data cable, greased rails, checked bearings, made sure nothing else was plugged into that circuit, etc. Nothing helped. I figured it couldn't be the mirrors or lens because I just cleaned those a few days ago.

In the past I've asked questions and got good advice here, so I thought I would post the solution to the problem I was having. Maybe it will help someone else. It was a simple and easy fix...

When I finally did decide to clean the mirrors and the lens again... I found the lens was LOOSE. The metal ring wasn't snugged down enough and it was allowing the lens to jiggle. After tightening the ring, it's engraving perfectly. I spent so much time troubleshooting and overlooked the simplest things. Apparently I didn't tighten it enough the last time I cleaned it and it had worked it way loose. So add this to the list of things to check when you have banding and uneven engraving. :p