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Debbie Sweet
02-04-2005, 7:51 PM
Hello everyone,

Being a newbie to laser engraving, I was enthusiastic to start telling people where ever and whenever that I have a laser engraver. I went to have shoes repaired and told the owner about my machine. He loaded me up with leather scraps and told me to experiment and bring them back. Well he liked what he saw and went crazy showing me all these items he does in leather and how this would be wonderful. And then the big question of pricing! Panic :eek: stricken I told him to give me a couple of days to get back to him. I've called the Things Remember store in the mall and got their pricing to engrave but I believe they don't laser engrave. They gave me minimum chgs., a per word chg., as well as if you bring them the item it's a $10 set-up.

But there are so many variables. If he gives me the art on Corel Draw and the leather what is fair pricing? If it's a name/initials versus a design or logo that could get large (could you charge a per sq. in. chg.?) He will in turn take the pieces and make purses, belts, etc.

Is there any good formula that could be used for a variety of different jobs
(signs, labels, plates, jewelry, frames, photo albums, etc.)?

Also, while we are talking leather, has anyone ever cut leather? Is it possible and if so what settings did you use? I have a 25W Mercury.

Thank you so very much for any info!!!:)


Nick Adams
02-04-2005, 10:48 PM
We switched at the first of the year to a per line charge on text with 3 seperate prices to cover most sizes. up to 5x7 1$, up to 8x10 1.25$, up to 12x15 1.50$.
Larger then 12x15 is custom anyway really.

As far as something like just a design we charge by the minute.
$1 per minute on designs up to 6x8
$1.50 per minute on orders over 6x8 with quanities under 10

Quanities over 10 go back to $1 per minute.

Of course somethings change depending on set up , quality of supplied artwork if any. Tons of variables. But that is a baseline for us across the board reguardless of the type of engraving process.

Smaller items are a 3$ engraving charge if bought from us and a 8$ charge if brought to us. If its a lasered item (requiring any type of additive cermark thurmark it is a 12$ charge)

For the normal awards / recognition prices look above.

Pricing is all realitive to how much competition you have. And the demand for your service. Economics. As a business rule (for us at least) charge the max that your customer base is willing to pay. It is pretty easy to read your customer after awhile.