View Full Version : Amazon Prime Service

Jack Hogoboom
02-04-2005, 2:53 PM
I assume most of you have heard that Amazon is now offering a "prime" service. As I understand it, you pay $79 for a year and get "free" two-day shipping on all the products they sell. You can "share" your service with up to 4 members of your household. Apparently, the financial wizards on Wall Street seem to think that this will adversely affect Amazon's future earnings. I signed up and then ordered a few books to see how it works. I'm such an Amazon denizen that I figure I'll ultimately make out in the long run.


Jeff Sudmeier
02-04-2005, 2:58 PM
Are there any restrictions to the "Free" shipping?

Sounds like a great plan for people who do a lot of Amazon shipping AND don't just use their "Free" super saver shipping.

Jim Becker
02-04-2005, 2:58 PM
I did see it. But when I think about it, the majority of the time, the "free shipping" I've enjoyed arrived in about two days, anyway. Not always, but a healthy percentage of the time. I also don't buy all that much from Amazon...most books come from B&N (with free shipping if I buy online) and most of the time my "member" price is less...and then I take off a few points via EBATES.com.

So for now, the prime service wouldn't do much for "me", but it would for Dr SWMBO as she often orders from Amazon.