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Mark Cothren
02-04-2005, 1:00 PM
My name is Mark Cothren and I just recently joined up here. I'm BRAND NEW to woodworking and have a new friend in Dennis Peacock. Dennis has very graciously opened his doors to me and is sharing a wealth of knowledge in working all things wooden... in case you didn't know it, he's a keeper...:D

I have been an Arky all my life and plan to be until God takes me home or sees fit to move me elsewhere.

I am soaking up all the information here as fast as I can. I really appreciate all the knowledge that is shared and all the pictures you guys post for inspiration.


Tyler Howell
02-04-2005, 1:21 PM
Welcome Mark,

You couldn't do better for a mentor and guide. Glad to have you in the creek;) . There are a lot of "keepers" wading around in here.

Mark Cothren
02-04-2005, 1:24 PM
Thanks Tyler! And I have no doubts there are many fine folks on here. I'm looking forward to getting to know you folks and learning some things from you all.

Ken Fitzgerald
02-04-2005, 1:39 PM
Welcome to the 'Creek Mark. Neat place where everyone's always trading information and opinions. Don't let Tylers easy going exterior fool you, however. He's the Photo Cop! No gloat is official without a photo! He'll hound you until you post same! :eek: :D :D Again.....Welcome!

Jerry Olexa
02-04-2005, 1:50 PM
Welcome Mark. We are glad to have you...

Jeff Sudmeier
02-04-2005, 1:53 PM

Welcome to the creek! I just know you are going to enjoy it here. Please keep us updated on your projects!

David Wilson
02-04-2005, 2:16 PM
Welcome aboard. A great place to visit. a wealth of knowledge.

Dennis Peacock
02-04-2005, 4:22 PM
Well....it's about time you made it to the forum!!!!! :p :p ;)

Welcome Mark......you are in the right place to learn, share and post your projects. Just wade around here on the creek and catch a fish now and then. Everyone here is always learning something!!! :D

Lou Morrissette
02-04-2005, 5:30 PM
Welcome to the Creek, Mark. It's a great place to hang out with lots to learn.


John Scarpa
02-04-2005, 6:23 PM
Great to have another friendly face in the Creek. Welcome aboard Mark!