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Charlie Goodrich
05-04-2011, 12:27 AM
I'm designing an urn for my mother and looking to source a monogram with her initials, similar to the one shown - maybe for veneer inlay, or open to other materials. Any recommendations and/or sources?

I posted in the Woodworkers forum and got some veneer source ideas, but looking for other possibilities.




Frank Corker
05-04-2011, 6:53 AM
Charlie, assuming this is a wooden urn, there is nothing to stop you doing the top one in acrylic. You could spray the oval black, then engrave through the black and spray engraved area in white. Engrave the oval shape deeply into the urn and then inlay the oval shape into the wood for a smooth finish. The black will give it a really deep appearance and the white will project itself forwards almost 3D.