View Full Version : AVG software question

Bob Weisner
02-04-2005, 7:59 AM

I was looking at the free version of the AVG antivirus software and it says that it has free updates for the "life of the product" Does that mean for as long as you own the software or does that mean that after a certain number of years , there will be no more updates available for the software?



Bob Johnson2
02-04-2005, 8:09 AM
I'm not familiar with AVG but with McAfee you get it as stated for the life of the product, which may be a couple years, at which time you need to buy a newer version of the software. This amounts to the time when they feel they no longer need to support the version you bought as they've been selling the newer version for awhile and figure you should have the newer version too.

Jason Roehl
02-04-2005, 12:03 PM
Bob, I've been using AVG Free for well over a year now, and am very happy with it. During that time, I think I have been through at least one new version (not automatic, if I recall), and several database upgrades, for which the software will search. It's free, so I wouldn't worry about whether they support it in the future--when it ceases to exist or be free, then you have to buy some form of AV software anyway. Personally, I think it's in the best interests of corporate America (corporate World, too, maybe?) to support free AV software for all computer users, and to spend money on their own computers' defenses.