View Full Version : BIN123 over epoxy?

Wade Lippman
04-28-2011, 12:24 PM
I am building a wakeless launch out of an old hobie (as evidenced by some of my old posts here, it is going slowly).
I have made a deck out of okoume plywood, and coated it with ESP155 penetrating epoxy.
The epoxy manufacturer says I can simply paint it with any paint at all.
I bought a can of WEST MARINE SeaGloss Pro One-Part Polyurethane Topside Paint and painted a sample. It didn't cover as well as I hoped. Two coats might be okay, but it is expensive.
I have a can of BIN123 and tried that as a primer. The paint then covers nicely.
It seems to be okay, but I am hoping someone will tell me if this is likely to be satisfactory.
Actually Zinseer just got back to me, They don't recommend any of their products where there will be prolonged exposure to water. Hopefully there be much exposure, as it is 10" above the water and won't be used all that much, but I gotta follow their recommendation.
So I guess that changes the question to: will the Topside Paint be okay over the epoxy "primer/sealer".

David Sharp
04-28-2011, 9:33 PM
I would wipe the epoxy down with a rag damp with water if it had any wax in it. Sand with 180-220 and the topside paint will stick fine. If you are using 2 coats of topside I would sand litely with 320 or a red 3m pad between coats. I've never liked the zinsner because it doesn't sand well.

Ryan Hellmer
04-29-2011, 3:35 PM
The Zinser that I like for painting and priming is the BIN primer. It's shellac based so it sticks to pretty much anything. Disclaimer, I've not put it over epoxy before and never used it in a marine environment (although it works well for outdoor furniture/fixtures). Builds and sands very well.


John Powers
05-01-2011, 8:26 PM
You know this but before you do anything. Scrub thoroughly with water and a scotchbrite green pad. A lot of paint will stick fine with an amine free surface. Log onto woodenboat.com for more info. If it lives in the water your into a whole different business.

Roderick Gentry
06-06-2011, 1:27 PM
I used to use awlgrip and such. Recently I have converted to a variety of more general paints. I use a lot of Behr Super White exterior latex. I am interested in their nano paint, but haven't tried it. There are a variety of other paints like the stuff used to mark lines on roads that also serve.