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James Boster
04-23-2011, 2:56 PM
I did not get any banjos to hold the toolrest for my Oliver lathe I bought last year so I decided to make a couple. I have the toolrest adapter that goes on the cross slide but wanted a couple of bajos to allow a long toolrest. I found one on the West coast but it was pricey and shipping would be a killer.
I recently purchased an import milling machine and wanted to try it out so this was a good first project.
Here is a couple of pics milling the bottom releif so it will set flat on the ways of the lathe.

Then I turned it over and milled a 3/4" slot for the hold down bolt. Bar is 1 1/2" thick x 4" wide.

After that I welded a 2 1/2" x-heavy pipe coupling onto the bar and on top of that I welded a tapered piece of solid steel. The tapered piece was found in local scrap pile, I beleive they were pipe plugs for a boiler.
After welding them on I had the machine shop where I work to drill 1 1/2" hole all the way through the solid portion for the tool rest post. Still need to drill and tap for a bolt to clamp the post in. I would guess these to weigh about 40# each.
Still need to weld a cover pass on the one on the left and grind it down.
My first time at using a milling machine. After cutting the 3/4" slot through 1 1/4" steel I wished it had powerfeed!

Stephen Pereira
04-25-2011, 8:32 AM
Congrats on your new machine. Your milling machine will open up all sorts of new possibilities..tools to make tools.

A power feed would be nice..saves wear and tear on one's arm..it also gives you a nicer finish. Did you mill come with a DRO? If not I think you'd be better served to invest in a DRO first..power feed could come later.

James Boster
04-26-2011, 9:34 PM
Thanks Stephen but noe it does not have DRO either. I probably wont invest in thos options for this mill but will look for a floor model like a Bridgeport or sometihing better.

Stephen Pereira
04-27-2011, 4:33 AM
A Bridgeport or BP clone is a handy machine. Now that you have some experience with a milling machine you know what to look for in an upgrade. If I had the room I would love to have a big horizontal mill..Cincinatti or some such. I don't have the room..or $$ for that matter but I just bought a little Burke#4 horizontal. I have visions of mounting a small router on the overarm.