View Full Version : Corel File Size Versus Printer Process File Size

Terry Swift
04-17-2011, 9:58 AM
Maybe it's just me not understanding all the principles behind print processing for a laser an Corel; but I can have a 400kb Corel file that when sent to the printer blows up to sometimes a 100-400MB file. I only ask, as my laser will be printing sometimes and then create a "Bad File Error" right in the middle and I end up losing that piece. Any help on this would be great, as when I have large files like that back to back - I have to clear memory to be somewhat sure I don't get the error in mid pint. :(:(:(:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Martin Boekers
04-17-2011, 11:46 AM
I'm not sure how to check to see what size a file is when it's sent to the printer.

Does your file have a graphic? I had some issues in the past where a co-worker
de-saturated the image, and even though it looked black and white it still had they
RGB channels. Check to make sure you image is grey scale.

On larger files make sure the whole file is on the laser before you press the "go"
or engrave button.

Other than that, not really sure. :-(

rich santana
04-17-2011, 10:51 PM
for the xenetech laser thru corel, i hit 'print' then go to 'properties', then make sure your plate size in corel is the same size as your laser setting. hope this helps.

Doug Griffith
04-18-2011, 2:14 AM
Just guessing but if the Corel file has placed bitmaps, the file size you see is using low res proxies referencing the higher res bitmaps. When processed, the bitmap data is compiled into the file sent to the laser. Another thought is that the vector data is is being converted to X,Y coordinates by the driver.

Rodne Gold
04-18-2011, 2:32 AM
Are you printing a large size image or file at a very high dpi? like a 20" x 20" at 1200 dpi?

Robert Walters
04-18-2011, 8:36 AM

I have an M-300 and Corel X4 too.

If you post a sample file, I can see what happens over here if you like.

Be sure to also include the driver version you're using and a settings profile file.


FWIW, M-300 is 12"x24"

Lee DeRaud
04-18-2011, 10:16 AM
The main thing to remember is that Corel, as a (mostly) vector app, can represent graphic objects in a very compact form. Internally (or in the saved file), an ellipse or rectangle consists of a maybe a few dozen bytes: width/height, center coordinate, rotation angle, border color/style, fill color/style etc. The laser typically has no clue how to deal with that kind of information, so it has to be converted to a much larger set of vector coordinates and/or raster lines.

A worst case example is rastering a large gradient-filled rectangle at high resolution: the few dozen bytes of vector primitive becomes megabytes of raster data ("print file") going to the laser. About the only time the data going to the laser will be smaller than the internal Corel data is when vector-cutting straight lines.

Mike Mackenzie
04-18-2011, 4:22 PM

First off there is no way that a 100MB file will even print to that system. Those systems use ram memory for printing and normal ram size of 4 mb was standard for the M300. Now you could have put in 16 MB simms but even with that size ram it still would not take a 100MB file. Those drivers use a file compression of up to 16 to 1. So with 4 mb simm the max file size you could even get close to printing would be 64mb and this is a high number due to the system uses some of the ram for other purposes.

My guess is that you have a bitmap image in Corel and you rotated the image. This causes all kinds of problems in Corel including very large file sizes. If you have to rotate your bitmap image then do it in photo paint and bring it back into corel.

If this continues to be an issue I would remove the driver and re install, Re seat or replace the memory simm. Clean your computer of all Temp files and possibly re install Corel. Also check your bios port settings to be sure they have not changed. They should be ecp/epp or std for the parallel port.

Terry Swift
04-19-2011, 8:25 AM

My M300 still has the same 4MB that was original as far as I know. I only ask the question, as some files zip right into the laser and others just sit in wait mode for a minute or more. The laser has experienced a "Bad File Error" on about a half dozen occasions in the middle of a job; so I started watching the print output (spooler) size going to the laser. Windows reports very large file sizes - well above 4MB's in most cases. I keep my laptop clean of all junk on almost a daily basis. I'll check all the settings everyone has mentioned and will try to capture a screen shot to show file size during spooling.