View Full Version : SMC Discount Code from Johnson Plastics

Keith Outten
04-13-2011, 8:46 PM
"Johnson Plastics is proud to extend this offer only to Sawmill Creek members. Receive the best price break possible on any quantity of Rowmark and IPI engraving plastic. Just call one of their customer service reps and provide them with the promo code. Hurry because this promo is only available April 12th through April 26th and can only be used once. Call 800-869-7800 and ask for customer service to get the best discount they have on plastic. Provide the representative with this code: 9PEH2AM"

The promotion details are simple:
-End column price breaks for any quantity of Rowmark or IPI purchased
-Purchases between April 12th to April 26th
-Can only be used once
-You must call in to place the order, 800-869-7800
-Inform the customer service rep that you received the promo from the Sawmill Creek Forum
-Provide the promo code of: 9PEH2AM

If you have any questions concerning this promotion please ask the Johnson Plastics Representative, I am only the courier of good news and I don't have any further details to share.


Mike Null
04-13-2011, 9:52 PM
Keith--that's a really great offer!!