View Full Version : delaminated interior `paint

Andy Henriksen
01-31-2005, 8:41 AM
Seems I post more off topic than on...ought to tell you something about my ww'ing...

Anyway, I'm ready to paint a stairs and landing area, and had several areas with paint peeling away from the plaster (not drywall or sheet rock). I scraped it out till I found a solid attached place, and now have several areas that are recessed compared to the rest of the wall which has god knows how many layers of paint. Stupid thing (I assume) is I thought I could level it out with a thick coat of primer, which did pretty much nothing. So...what sorta spackle, or filler can I use that will adhere to the primer coat? I really would hate to have to scrape that out to get back to exposed plaster. I just want my walls to be sort of flat before I paint.


Rob Russell
01-31-2005, 10:33 AM
Drywall compound. Use a nice, wide, flexible-bladed putty knife and you shouldn't even need to sand. If you do, a light touchup is all you should need, provided you lay the mud in nice and smoothly.