View Full Version : How to videos on laser engraving?

mike sub
01-30-2005, 6:53 PM
:confused: HI

my name is mike and I am new to this site .

I am curious if any one has produced a how to video on laser engraving?

I have been blast etching for awhile and the volume is getting to big . I have purchased a m-300 25w universale laser to help with some of the over load .. I have seen the difference in the etches and showed samples of both to my customers and they have no complants about which way I etch .

I know the learning curve will be great and any info can help ( Im a info junkie ) I plan on having my rep come in but I still like more info I can drill into my head .

thank you in advance


Mike Mackenzie
01-31-2005, 2:40 PM
Hey Mike,

Welcome to the Universal Family. There are no how to videos for laser engraving that I am aware of however if you need any help with any projects just let me know.

mike sub
01-31-2005, 3:39 PM
thanks for the reply

I found some from a company in scranton pa will look and see how good they are ( video class room )

I think this is going to be a good investment .


Roy Brewer
01-31-2005, 11:10 PM

I believe that both GraphicsPro and A&E still offer the video tapes that Steven Spence created a couple years back(maybe Scranton is where Steve is?). I have not seen these myself, but everything Steve does is well done.

If you need contact info, let us know.

mike sub
02-01-2005, 8:04 AM
:) thanks roy

I believe they might be the same

Ive had good imput from everyone and thanks to all

I purchased the tapes and will give a review when I know more