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Liesl Dexheimer
04-05-2011, 9:55 AM
Has anyone noticed problems with quality on some of their products from different vendors?

I'm getting really frustrated with low quality stock.

I recently ordered one metal USB from JDS. I received the product but found I couldn't put it in my computer because there are 2 metal pieces that are sticking out past the USB connector. It obviously wasn't fabricated correctly. I called JDS, spoke to a very nice customer service rep...they sent me out a new one but when I received it yesterday it had the same exact problem!!

I also ordered a marble trophy base from them awhile back. When I received it the base was nicely wrapped in bubble wrap but when I opened it there was a huge chunk of marble missing from the top. Didn't call on that one because I had a few in stock, wasn't really worth it to take the time & call since it was only 99 cents.

Not to mention I've ordered magnets from them & had a really hard time taking the tape off the back. The foam would rip off the protective sticky back. I've since found out that they have replaced this with a newer product that I will have to try out.

Also been noticing that Rowmark's plastic is either bowed to the point where I have to tape it down sometimes or it's not cut square.

I don't want to complain too much about JDS, I've been happy with their quick turn-around & customer service. It's not entirely their fault, it's the manufacturing overseas that I'm not happy with. You get what you pay for but when prices keep rising and the quality is going downhill, then there is a problem.

Mike Null
04-05-2011, 11:12 AM

First, JDS will make all adjustments necessary for defective or unsatisfactory product; there was a recall on one particular magnetic clasp a couple of months back which JDS discontinued (I think it was 302). I had many problems with them and replaced them with a similar magnet which uses a paper backing instead of the plastic which was sticking.

Bowed plastic is jsut one of thse things the mfrs can't seem to solve. Some comes out perfectly flat and later shipments will be bowed. IPI has the same issues.

Martin Boekers
04-05-2011, 11:59 AM
I have had issues with products from most of my vendors, it's how they deal with them that makes the difference.

JDS and Marco (Discount Trophy) have been relatively easy to get refunds or product replaced.

There are others though..........

One supplier which I buy quite a few wood coin cases from many have not fit the coins. It's been over 2 months and still
not resolved. ($300 worth)

Another I buy limited products from because their quality and consitancy are poor and refunds or replacements
process makes you jump through more hoops than a circus performer.

Yet another consistantly charges me retail instead of wholesale so I have to keep a VERY close eye on them.

One more backorders items without letting me know it and charges when I place the order.

There are a few more, but I think you get my point.

Do call them or let them know, JDS typically won't have you return the item,but credit your
account. If you let them know then they can see if it's a trend forming or just the average
damage goods that can be expected from time to time.

All vendors have gotten better with in stock items then they were a year ago. JDS
even sent out a letter explain the issues they were having.

It can be frustrating at times, that I understand! I deal with quarterly awards and
my clients expect the same awards every quarter so I do get nervous about them
being out of stock. I keep a higher level of inventory now as awards get a month or so
out. More work and more expense, but part of the business.

I have issues with metal sheets being "sprung" whic is a pain. If I don't use tape
to hold it down it sometimes "pops" while the metal is heating up from engraving.

Hopefully you just had a bad run and things will straighten themselves out!


Liesl Dexheimer
04-05-2011, 12:35 PM
Good to know that you guys are having issues as well. The JDS USB problem has been fixed. ;) I'm definitely going to be purchasing new magnets from them, the 302's were actually hurting my fingers trying to pull of the protective strip.