View Full Version : Drum sander problems...the height adjusitng wheel just spins!!

Michael Donahue
04-04-2011, 8:13 PM
Hey folks. I have a Delta 18" open ended drum sander and I've run into some trouble lately. When I turn the wheel to adjust the height of the bed relative to the drum, I often get a grinding noise and the bed doesn't always move even though the handle spins. I've checked the set screw in the handle and it's tight, as is the set screw just inside the housing that attaches the handle to a long shaft leading to even more gears also seem tight.

I'm not particularly mechanically inclined, so I'm not sure what else to look for. Could too much dust be a problem? I've got a 1 HP dust collector that I use with the sander, but there's still alot of fine dust everywhere.

I would definitely appreciate any advice. Thanks!!

mickey cassiba
04-04-2011, 9:32 PM
Under the bed, no lower yet, inside the box under the bed, you will find the other ends of the four elevating screw posts. Each one has a nylon gear on it. There is a long cogged belt running around the four posts on four cogs. There is also an "idler" sort of assembly pushing the belt in between or or the other long side(don't remember which)

Best case: The idler has moved outward( toward the case) relieving tension,and allowing the belt to slip over the cogs(hence the grinding noise)
Next best: Belt has lost teeth(pretty uncommon, and the noise will be intermittent.
Worst Case: One of the gears or cogs (usually a gear) has broken one or more teeth.
All Cases: Your sander conveyor table is now out of alignment, in that it is not parallel or square to the sanding drum.
The fix is tedious, but relatively easy...it's explained in the User Manual in great detail. Perform all steps, in order(after replacing, re-tensioning, or what ever the mishap was). Be aware that this operation will likely have to be repeated multiple times, you are aligning all four corners! Start at the corner that is nearest the drum, (take off the abrasive strip, and the conveyor table, and as stated above read and faithfully perform all steps. Many of the techs at Delta never could align one of these machines, and some got it on their first try...or pack it up and take/send it to your nearest service center, place your wallet on the counter next to the machine, and your phone number, go home and wait. Service center techs like this job even less than the recon techs did. I probably have a copy of the parts breakdown, and the UM should be available at service net, just in case you don't have them. I hate it for you Michael, a machine that costs that much should not be such a PITA to adjust, but it is