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Miguel Pinho
03-30-2011, 3:26 PM
Hello everyone

Its beeb a while i dont post here. Now i need you opinion...

I'm close to buy a Epilog Zing 16 30 watt Laser for memorials engraving on black granite. I'm actual owner of an Camtech L5 25 watt laser engraver 100x100 cm usefull work area.

I'm need of a faster engraver for memorial plaques up to 40x30 cm .

I'm asking all users what do you think of this machine for black granite photo engraving?

Quality and speed...whats your opinion?

Best Regards from Portugal

Miguel Pinho

Ron Chapellaz
03-31-2011, 1:23 PM
Hi Miguel,

I've got a zing 16 35 watt, and it does work for granite. I run it at 60 speed 30 power. It does the job nicely. The quality is very good. As for speed, I'm sure there are faster machines out there. My only experience is with the zing but, there are 2 pros that you could ask, Mike Clarke or Mike Dean. They both work for Epilog. They are both very skilled at laser engraving. If you need an email address PM me.