View Full Version : Badger Pond Archive CD Preview

Andrew Field
04-14-2003, 7:26 PM
Download the preview and tell me what you think....


John Miliunas
04-14-2003, 9:51 PM
Hey Andrew. Thanks for getting the sample out there to try. I am having a problem, though. Seems that any of the *.htm or *.html files I launch, give me a "runtime error". FWIW, I'm running Win-XP with all the patches, as well as IE6 w/all the patches. Almost seems as though I don't have a specific file or files necessary to properly run these. Any suggestions? Thanks! :cool:

Matt Berry
04-18-2003, 7:02 AM
I too have been having trouble with the preview. I have tried the original, the update, and the minisite one all with the same results. The search engine doesn't work at all, I have tried both of them. The HTA one always gives me script errors while the other one doesn't do anything after it pops up a warning about active-x that I allow to run. I can view the shop tours and the articles page, but if I try to bring up the forum threads I don't see any threads. It gives my a couple of links, like shop tours, expand all, ect, but I can not see any threads. I am running windows98 2nd ed., Ie 6 with all the updates. I think one reason you haven't received a lot of error reports is there isn't very much information on how or where to report errors. I have all downloads installed on my 2nd harddrive, drive d:\.

Andrew Field
04-18-2003, 1:53 PM
First off, I worked with John to fix his problems and incorporated the two fixes into the update.

Second, Matt, I will PM you and try to get this worked out there.