View Full Version : Architecture works (students)

Gary Liberman
03-22-2011, 1:36 PM
Hello friends of the creek! recently we´ve had many students from Arquitecture, that need cutting or engraving in cardboard, corrugated, MDF, balsa, acrylic. We usualy charge 1$ aprox the minute, but we had to go down to almost 0,7$ per minute. This is because the competition has a chinese machine and works in his place (he charges 20$ and hour flat rate). Do you think we are going way down with out price? The students are good customers (yesterday we worked until almost 3am but made $300 one day.), and the good thing is that a very bad mistake cutting or engraving will cost us 10$ tops.

Do you also work with arquitecture students?

thank you!

Rodne Gold
03-22-2011, 2:04 PM
If you are making what you consider a good living , then your pricing is right , if your competition is doing as good a job as you , in the same time at much cheaper , you have a problem. Is his "hour" the same as yours? He might be taking 3x as long ? maybe you don't have to change your price?