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carlos alencar
03-18-2011, 3:44 PM
Hi all,

can anyone help solve why this cut occurs ?
it was a pathcut of acrilic 3 mm with 11 mm/s 75% of 80 watts power (with i believe is too slow and too powerfull for 3 mm acrilic) . why this dots occurs? if i slow down the machine they dissapear. Could it have anything to do with frequence ? what is the frequence ?! i still have no help of the chinese factory (they say they are in a sales event). Have no software manual, and there are TOO much variables in the software windows...

Thanks a lot... we will take good care of your president tomorow...

the problem..

187223 187224

the software configurations, that could be the cause ?! (pulse frequence ?! pwn frequence ?! what are those??)

Larry Bratton
03-18-2011, 5:08 PM
A laser cuts by drilling holes basically. The frequency tells the machine how many holes to punch in a given area. It appears you have your pulse frequency set to 0. The photo looks as if the frequency is too low. I do not know how your frequency settings relate to mine, but Epilog recommends 5000 as the frequency setting for acrylic. That might be an overkill as I can get a pretty good edge with 500. Start with 500 and go up and see what happens.

carlos alencar
03-18-2011, 5:39 PM
thanks a lot...

this could be very related to the DPI settings i alwayes read abaout in this forum... i will check by starting with 500.

if anybody has more information, i would thank a lot.


Larry Bratton
03-18-2011, 5:44 PM
DPI is not related to vector cutting, only raster engraving.