View Full Version : Laser Granite & Mural using 1-Touch Photo

Andrew Mammoliti
03-10-2011, 4:28 PM
185949185948Hi All, just a couple of projects I had done the other day.

Andrew Mammoliti
03-10-2011, 4:33 PM
The Mural was done using Laser Tile, it looks like art deco with the section tile lines in between. I like it. Then it was mounted and framed. Sorry about the pics, done with camera phone, so a bit blurry.

Luke Phillips
03-11-2011, 6:40 AM
Very nice Andrew - what did you use for the matting around the mural - does it have a reflective quality or is that the glass in the frame?

Andrew Mammoliti
03-11-2011, 9:26 AM
Hi Luke, I took it to a picture shop and they framed it. It is matte edge, behind the glass.

Andrew Mammoliti
03-11-2011, 5:05 PM
186234Just a few more pics, these were done a while ago.


Hannu Rinne
03-11-2011, 5:38 PM
Hi Andrew,

Great pics ! What settings you used ? I have some blank Laser Tile samples and I don't wan't to destroy them just by guessing...

- Hannu

Andrew Mammoliti
03-11-2011, 5:43 PM
On my machine for laser tile 100 power and 40 speed. Your settings might be diff. You have a 60w, so they will be diff.

Hannu Rinne
03-11-2011, 5:51 PM
Thanks Andrew - I'll start carefully...

Hannu Rinne
03-12-2011, 2:28 PM

Here's my first test on Laser Tile. Made with 90p 60s 500dpi ( ran through PG ). I've had tiles in my stock about 1/2 year and almost forgot them :D


Andrew Mammoliti
03-12-2011, 4:53 PM
Hannu, great job looks vintage!! love it.

Andrew Mammoliti
03-12-2011, 4:59 PM
186424This pic, im giving to the actual rider that's in the photo. He is a superstar in his sport! Im a fan, so I arranged with his wife to surprise him when they come to race in toronto in a few weeks. He is going to put it in his trophey room with all his other items from his career.

Abdul Baseer Hai
03-13-2011, 8:55 AM
Hi Andrew,
My two cents worth.
Here is a portrait I did on a 12 x 12 absolute black granite using PhotoGrav

Andrew Mammoliti
03-13-2011, 9:30 AM
Cool very nice! Who is the subject?