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Jeff Wilkins
03-07-2011, 10:28 PM
Hi everyone,

Been lurking for about 3 months now and finally had to post. I am a high school teacher and we purchased a Spirit GX 60W for our pre-engineering program for prototyping and also to create a revenue stream for our robotics program so we are not so dependant on donations esp when the economy takes a turn. I feel the documentation that came with the machine is terrible. It is a good teaching tool for my future engineers on how NOT to write a manual. If you own a GX I would like to talk with you about

1. cleaning of lenses, mirrors, parts etc. - how often etc., how to do it.
2. I am using LaserMaster v8.6 - should I switch to corel draw asap?
3. Settings for different materials
4. Rotary attachment
5. Positioning parts on the surface - keeping scale at 100% etc.

I wish there were some video tutorials for this machine, but I have not found any. Any help would be great.

Here are some of the things I have made just playing around so far. This is my first experience with using a laser.


Dee Gallo
03-07-2011, 10:48 PM
Welcome to the Creek, Jeff! It's great to see educators who are introducing the laser to their students. Your awards are quite nice for your first jobs - looks like you've figured out all the basics. I can't help you on the Spirit, but I'm sure someone out there will speak up.

Once you get going, I'll bet your shop stays pretty busy and pays its way in many ways. Don't be surprised when it veers off from robotics and attracts a bunch of other interest groups!

cheers, dee

oscar martinez
03-07-2011, 11:52 PM
Most of your questions already answear here. do some search, cleaning procedures are the same for all machines exept for encoder motors.Corel is a great tool I never use laser master before, settings an materials a ton of options to share depends on the materials you are working or planning to work on. Video tutorials where o from whom you adquiere the machine from my vendor dealear has helpfull tutorials very well explained much better than the tutorials from the manufacturers but in order to see them you have to register as customer.
Jeff .wich state or country are you from.?
atte Oscar
From: Golden State

Rodne Gold
03-08-2011, 1:07 AM
I have Explorers and Spirits.
Cleaning depends on work volume and what you processing , we clean first thing EVERY morning and during the day as well.
Manual has detialed instructions for cleaning both lens and mirrors.
Switch to Corel immediately , its the industry standard and the GCC machines drivers are meant for Corel
Rotary attachment is rubbish , well it's not , but its design is and the way they explain its operation in the manual is bad. When you finally figure out how it actually works , its good. Its bad re centering stuff , if you have the ability , replace that cone with a lathe type chuck.
Not sure what you want re your positioning ans scale enquiry , but the machine should always engrave the size you design in Corel unless you tell it otherwise , if the X and Y scale are not 100% accurate , there is a setting in the driver to compensate for this.