View Full Version : Escher's tesselated lizard on Ponoko

Michael Hunter
03-04-2011, 8:32 PM
There are files for the interlocking lizard pattern available for free download from Ponoko.
(You do have to be registered to download them).

The files are in SVG format : they import into Corel without problems.
There are a couple of very small errors around the tail : probably would get lost in the kerf, but you might want to fix them if you're picky like me.

At the size that they import, 12 lizards will make four nice drink mats or one place mat - uses about a square foot of material.

As Escher's work is still under copyright, best only to use these for your own fun and amusement. (Which is why I'm not posting my corrected file - sorry).

Bruce Boone
03-04-2011, 10:32 PM
The official Escher site is www.mcescher.com (http://www.mcescher.com) and they have very specific requirements for licensing their copywrited material. I will be checking into it when I master my new laser. Probably very expensive to get rights.

Russell Ludwick
03-05-2011, 12:41 AM
The interlocking lizard pattern is a postscript pattern fill in the stock version of corel draw. I used it in this skateboard I engraved. I figured it wasn't copyrighted since it came with corel and tessalations are fairly easy to do with corel anyways. Here's a picture of the board, this was before my finish staining, but you can see the pattern fill at the bottom. These pattern fills make even no talent artists like me look like I got skills.


Heres a tutorial on how to make your own. I understand the concept but I still cant get them to look good yet, but I am still practicing.


I recommend following up with part 2 as well


I will probably engrave one as soon as I get a design I am happy with.

Michael Hunter
03-05-2011, 5:51 AM
That skateboard looks too good to go skating on - it needs to be hung on the wall and be admired! Superb job.

I seem to remeber that it *is* very expensive to licence the Escher designs.
Since the designs and near-derivatives turn up pretty frequently, they must have quite a job policing it.