View Full Version : Thanks Ray & Lynn

Lee Schierer
04-14-2003, 8:53 AM
I wish to publicly thank Ray and Lynn for their outstanding hospitality to open their home, shop and property to 75+ complete strangers, well, maybe not complete, but pretty strange.

I for one had a great time. Ken taught me how to make a pen, no I didn't buy a lathe on the way home. I also saw lots of other lathe demos and had a chance to pick up a few other woodworking tips. A few people were getting addicted to lathe working. Hopefully the quick demo I gave on making raised panels will help a few people make better panels.

The food was great and plentiful, if anyone left hungry it was their own fault, thanks Lynn for putting together such a good spread. Bill Grumbine makes a pretty good public address system.

Thanks to the various sponsors for the door prizes. I thought the project exchange was a great idea Ray.

It was a great day and a great chance to meet old friends and start new friendships. I was glad that LOML and daughter decided I should go.

Did anyone get an accurate count of how many were actually there?

P.S. Ken did you try THE HAT on on the way home?

Ken Salisbury
04-14-2003, 10:08 AM
It should be noted, the hat left Anderson, IN on Gary Hern's head ---- not mine :D

Phil Kosin
04-15-2003, 2:54 AM
What a great day! Seeing some familiar faces and meeting a few new ones to associate with the names that populate this BB and the old Badger Pond. Worth the 225-mile drive down from Chicago. Sure wish Wayne Miller could have been there to see what he started. Thanks to Ray & Lynn and all who pitched in to make this a very memorable occasion. If you didn't make this one, you really missed a great time.

And after meeting Ken Salisbury in person, I doubt I'll ever be the same again. Mr. Salisbury, sir, you are a piece of work!