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Erin Stringer
01-21-2005, 11:00 PM
I fiugure this is my best bet at getting good suggestions for a wedding gift I can make. I would like to do something that is useful, beautiful, and meaningful for my friend and his new bride. I have a couple of ideas but would love to hear suggestions. Pictures of the ideas would be excellent also.

Thanks in advance.


Earl Reid
01-22-2005, 12:19 AM
Hi Erin, I have made about 130 clocks, several different styles, 15 shaker candle style tables (mostly from cherry) that we gave for weddings and other occasions.

Charles McKinley
01-22-2005, 1:37 AM
Hi Erin,

I love the wedding goblets that Bill Grumbine and others have posted. A nice bowl or box would also be quite nice.

Dan Mages
01-22-2005, 11:20 AM
A box would be nice.

Ted Shrader
01-22-2005, 5:17 PM
Erin -

Cutting boards are also practical. You you make a set. Large (with edge drain and reservoir) for meat carving, medium (smaller edge drain) for cutting and chopping, and a long, thin one (with grooves) for bread slicing.

Use maple for most of the board, but with glued in thin accent strips of contrasting woods - walnut, purple heart, mahogany, etc. They would get daily use by the new couple.


Hunter Wallace
01-22-2005, 5:27 PM
I second Earl's clock idea...

I swear people I know get married now just to get a
clock from me!!!!:p ;)

Here's one of the last clocks I gave as a wedding gift...

Oh yeah, and Dan was right on with a box of some sort;
so, here's one I made for a cousins daughter...

(Charles also had a great idea with the turnings, I just
haven't done any of that...yet:) )

Erin Stringer
01-22-2005, 7:46 PM
Thanks to all for the good ideas. I stayed up way too late last night looking for clock info. I like the traditional Shaker clock and think it is probably within my grasp skill-wise. I just need to see if it will work in the house they will have together. I had also considered a dovetailed blanket chest but wasn't sure about getting it to AZ for the wedding.

For those of you that have done clocks; Do you prefer quartz or mechanical movements? I have always liked the fully mechanical pendulum and key-wound spring clocks but I assume that I may be a bit old fashioned that way. Any thoughts on that aspect of things?

Hunter, those both look great, I'm sure the couples were very excited to receive them.

I am hoping to get started in another 2-3 weeks so I will be sure to post my decision and progress. Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions.

Hunter Wallace
01-22-2005, 8:29 PM
Hi Erin,

I've used about 90% quartz...the first clock I did was a mechanical
wind-up movement, but I've found that sometimes people don't share
our "zeal" for such things, and found it to be a bit too much effort to
wind it every few days...I guess changing a battery every year is a
little easier for the average person!;) Also, anytime you use
a pendulum or mechanical there will be other design considerations to
keep in mind...lower glass door? Open bottom? Accessability to the
winding mechanism, etc...good luck!

Rob Russell
01-22-2005, 8:32 PM
Another thought would be a silver chest, but not the kind on legs. Doesn't matter whether it holds silver or stainless, something with 2 drawers, hinged top and handles on the sides so it could get moved easily.

Earl Reid
01-22-2005, 8:51 PM
I agree with Hunter, Most of my clocks are Quartz. Mechanical movements are quite expensive and I've seen many mechanical clocks that just sit on a shelf. The batteries will last 2-3 years.

Jerry Clark
01-23-2005, 10:48 AM
Quilt rack is a nice present-- Everyone likes them and are fairly easy to make. I have made 30 or more!