View Full Version : Using Epilog in Asia

bruce edwards
02-24-2011, 11:09 PM
I'm planning to take my new Epilog Mini to Asia next week. Epilogs site and manual say it runs from 110-240. Its 220 where I'm going. I'll get the best power surge protector I can find, but wonder if anyone has any experience using their laser using 220? Also does anyone know the weight of the honeycomb table? I might take it out and pack it separately to lighten the box. Thanks for any input.

John Noell
02-25-2011, 3:15 PM
I am in the land of 230V and my Mini 45 is quite happy with it. Epilog Tech Support claimed it can draw over 8 amps at 230V (on a power supply rated as Max 8 amps from 100-240VAC) which obviously is ridiculous. (If it draws 8 amps at 100 V it would have to draw less than half that at 230V.) In reality it draw barely over 3 amps at max (measured with a high end Fluke clamp meter). YOu don't say what wattage yours is but for mine I use an APC 1200 voltage regulator. Surge protectors rarely cut in before 300+ volts. Maybe fine for lightning strikes but not just high voltage. High end surge protectors are different (and costly) whille the cheap ones use a single MOSFET and assume the surge is only on the hot lead. Not safe for your equipment. The honeycomb is quite light (<1 lb?).