View Full Version : Anyone know of a good source for Army Infantry badge artwork

Cindy Rhoades
02-18-2011, 5:17 PM
I have a client that would like something made with his infantry badge artwork on it and I am not finding what I need. I have tried google with no good results.

Martin Boekers
02-18-2011, 6:01 PM
Check here;

www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/UniformedServices/Uniformed.aspx (http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/UniformedServices/Uniformed.aspx)


Dean Fowell
02-18-2011, 6:33 PM
Try this link http://www.defense.gov/multimedia/web_graphics/

Bruce Clumpner
02-18-2011, 7:36 PM
Here you go, hope this helps....It's amazing the amount of clipart images that were included in earlier versions of CDW.


Cindy Rhoades
02-19-2011, 12:34 PM
Thanks for the help I will see if these places have what I am looking for.

Chuck Frysinger
02-19-2011, 1:51 PM
Archangel Software 2 militarygraphics.biz