View Full Version : Problems With Latest Version of Corel X5

Mich Flani
01-28-2011, 12:07 PM
I am wondering if anyone knows of an X5 issue with Epilog lasers. I have made hundreds of name tags from the same template in the same layout with the same laser settings for 3 years. It is a standard type layout, company name across the top, name in the middle and a line art logo in the bottom corner. After upgrading to X5, the line art started to display other lines that are not there in the graphic. Not deep enough laser cuts to go through the top coat of the badge plastic but noticeable marks. They almost look like 1/2 tone dots only they are linear instead of dots and only in the horizontal and vertical bounded area of the graphic. Does anyone know if the default print settings in X5 would cause such an effect. I tried to photo a badge for upload, but the marks are very light. The marks are the same spots on 100 badges; so it does not appear to be a defect in material. Any insights will be appreciated before I attempt to reload the previous Corel version. Thanks.

Here's an update. I did some testing and found that there is an interaction between X5 and the Epilog driver. Using X3 to print to the Epilog driver, the "basic options" setting in the Epilog driver (Photograph or Clipart) doesn't seem to do much. In X5, that setting now does things. It affects the bitmap graphic and tries to 1/2 tone it in both modes. In Photograph mode, very faint scratch type lines are produced when sent to the laser. In Clip Art setting, a true half tone is produced in the bitmap. The bitmap has a transparent background. Any ideas how to stop X5 from affecting the bitmap? On a hard cap plastic, in photograph mode, the scratches are barely perceptable, but with a softer cap like metals (which I am using) the scratches are really noticable. I am not sure where to look in X5. Like I said, in X3 everything is perfect, so I am thinking there is some setting in X5. Thanks

John Noell
01-28-2011, 2:22 PM
I am betting it has to do wit the default color space.

Mich Flani
01-29-2011, 10:05 PM
Thanks John. I will be looking into that.