View Full Version : Need help with Over the Air TV - Missing Subchannels

Garrett Ellis
01-24-2011, 7:00 PM
Trying to find out how to find the CreateTV channel, one of the PBS subchannels. The PBS call letters for the Little Rock area are KETS, and according to their website, www.aetn.org, they are broadcasting both CreateTV and AETN Plus OTA. Whenever I select Air as my input source on my TV, it doesn't find either subchannel, but it does find the main PBS channel.

This may be because I live in an apartment complex or I'm too far away from the source. The weird thing is that I get 2 CBS subchannels. I don't have an antenna, but if I connect a coax from my TV to the wall in my apartment, it connects to the antennas/dishes that serve the entire apartment complex. Maybe that's my problem? I tried using an antenna straight to my TV and got no reception whatsoever.

Any suggestions? Not really sure who to call since there is not a 'service provider' since these are free OTA channels.

Peter Stahl
01-25-2011, 5:59 AM
If it's a older TV you will need a converter box along with the HD antenna. I think all the TV being transmitter now is digital but I not sure about that. This site ( http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/welcome.aspx ) might help answer some questions.

Lee Schierer
01-25-2011, 9:33 AM
It might be a signal strength problem if your digital converter doesn't find the channels. You should also be able to go into the digital converter set up and do a channel search. Ask your neighbors if they get these sub-channels on their sets. If the system has a master digital converter box that is feeding digtal signal to your wall outlet, that box may need to be reset to find the new channels. I know that the Direct TV off air converter that we have doesn't automatically find new channels that are added. I have to go back through the set up routine for it to find them.