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Dan Stuewe
01-12-2005, 2:14 AM

Haven't heard about any landslides in Laguna, but just wanted to check to make sure everything is okay. Sounds like the road out may be closed for a few days, but from what I've seen of your home, I think you can hold up okay for awhile (at least till the lumber runs out).

I don't know of any other Creekers in potentially hard hit areas here in Southern California, but let us know if anyone needs a hand.

Here's hoping we can dry out for a few days (can't wait to find out how much its going to cost to get our repairs done! :( )

Mark Singer
01-12-2005, 7:41 AM
That was the worst rain I have seen in California. Just weeks on end of it. We are fine and no damage! There are small rock slides alond some of the roads. My property is fine. The house I am building down the street seems ok although te neighbor called yesterday and said there was mud on his deck. I have the contractor going to look at it, something must have slid a bit. All and all we are fine and it was really nice to see a little sunshine yesterday...I was forgeting what it looked like.

Randy Moore
01-12-2005, 8:20 AM
To everyone in California,
I speak for myself but I am sure that many "Creekers" feel the same. If anyone needs anything after the mud/lands slides let us know. We will figure out ways to help you, even if we are in the midwest or east coast.
Dan, what kind of damage did you have?
Everyone keep in touch!!!


Jerry Clark
01-12-2005, 9:53 AM
I live in a hilly area in Southern Calif and not to far from Mark. We did not have any problems-- lots of rain-- Usually get 5 to 7 inches from July to July but we have had 20 plus inches and it is not the rainy season yet. As Mark said-- SUNSHINE at last. We need it to dry things out! Everything sure is green- looks like Scotland! Thanks for your support.:cool:

Dan Stuewe
01-12-2005, 12:19 PM
Dan, what kind of damage did you have?


We have a pretty minor problem, some water pooling on the patio that got under the sliding glass door. So the carpet/pad got wet and the drywall in the area is pretty wet for the first 8" or so. The drywall doesn't feel wet, but the moisture meter was pegged (we called insurance to get an assesment but we don't have flood insurance to cover the work). We've wanted to put french doors in, so it kinda just moves that project up in the schedule (and other projects back), but its the cost of the other things "we might as well do while we're at it" that worries me (fix the grade of the patio, replace useless gutters, repair stucco...) I'm also guessing installers aren't going to be offering any seasonal discounts :(

Randy Moore
01-12-2005, 2:09 PM

Watch those installers. They will be flocking to Ca. to take advantage of the unsuspecting customer. Hold back 50% of any money until the job is complete and you are 110% completely satisfied. They don't need all the money up front, I would be tempted to go by the material and French Door myself to make sure you get good quality products. You will be better off, too, if you get a local company that has been in business for some time as opposed to a company just getting started.
Hopefully that is all the damage you get.
That is MHO.