View Full Version : The continuing saga of the 1953 Delta Unisaw rehab.

Bart Leetch
01-12-2005, 12:05 AM
I understand that rehabbing a tool isn't for everyone but I've really enjoyed doing this.

The last few evenings at a close friends shop he & I have been making oak frames to fit between the fence rails on both the right extended table & the left for a router table & gluing up the double layer of MDF the will go inside of the oak frames.

Not counting the front fence guide rail the total top length will be 86" I think this should weigh in around the same weight as the same saw with both cast iron wings & a table extension.

We also made a 1/8" steel bracket for the power switch.
The switch mount doesn't show in the pictures but you'll see it in future pictures. :D

Still lots to do with assembling the table & left wing & gluing on the laminate & mounting the table & router wing, routing the hole for the router plate, cutting the Dust collected hole & mounting a dust gate, wiring the switch & welding up the mobile base.

Then take it all apart & transport it to my shop.

Ted Shrader
01-12-2005, 11:56 AM
Bart -

Thanks for the status report. I enjoy bringing old iron back to life. Have done a PM 50 6" Jointer and an Atlas 10" contractor saw. Very satisfying to fire them up and know they have been given additional life.


Charlie Woods
01-12-2005, 12:07 PM

It is the same here when I (We, student helper) started. I was more intrested in getting the saw running and ready to use. The more I have gotten into it the more I find myself intrested in each step, what needs to be done, the approach to that and working the extra details. I am excited about the final product not just from a functional stand point, but from a total job well done prospect( hope this kind of thinking rubs off on the students). Hope you enjoy the rest of the rebuild. As it looks from the Pics it is going to be a great saw.
Good Luck.