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Kirk (KC) Constable
04-11-2003, 7:58 PM
I posted something awhile back on BP about having over 900 addressed on my 'blocked sender' list (Outlook Express). There's probably 2000 by now...yet I still get 35 or 40 spam-mails TWICE a day when I check the Email. Since I have two addresses, I can tell the 'obvious ones' right off just because I get two alike from the same person. These I add to the blocked list immediately. Others I add if I recognize the name as spam (from prior spam), but mostly I just mark them read and delete them. The blocked sender list is in addition to several mail 'rules' based on words in the subject. I probably have 300 words and/or phrases that kick the message to the trash can before it ever gets to the inbox.

It's occurred to me that 'block sender' may well be an indication to the spammer that the address is vaild...which will obviosuly begat more spam. Can anyone verify this?

I know I need to download a spam killer...


Steve Clardy
04-11-2003, 8:22 PM
Have the same problem here. 30-60 spams a day. Wonder if the blocked sender program in OT will ever fill up and quit working? Ha
I think the spammers change their email addresses like we do our shorts, once a day.
Have a friend that changes his email address frequently to elimiante it for a while. But that involves letting who knows how many that you have changed your address.
Don't know what to do here.
My ISP server has spam filters you can go to there site and set up for your email. But it is setup so that you have to enter in who you want to receive email from. All others are deleted before they are sent on to you. Thats no good, cause maybe 6 months back you signed up for some tool deals, and then you would never receive them. Frustrated here too.

Jim DeLaney
04-11-2003, 11:06 PM
I'm using a program called IHateSpam. Theres a 30 day free eval, then it's $19.95. I tried it for a week, then bought it.


It has a lot of built in 'spam definitions' that automatically block spam out, and you can add an 'enemy list' by either address, or whole domain. When it gets these, it routes them straight to your deleted messages folder. Works pretty well, but is still not infallable.

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Ken Wright
04-12-2003, 6:10 AM
Until January I had been virtually spam free for 7-8 years ... always being very careful when I signed up for something to be sure to read the privacy policy .. if they didn't specifically ensure that my email for their exclusive use only ... I didn't do business with them.

In December I received a Christmas card online from a friend that originated from www.greeting-cards.com ... from that my email went to an outfit called www.direct.com ... purporting to be opt in targeted email. From a spam piece I tracked back to them and demanded to be taken off their list but by then the damage was done .... In January also I bought a domain from www.namebargain.com ..... which really put me on the bad spam stuff .... mortgages, enlargements, email advertising and everything under the sun. Get about 40 a day now.

04-12-2003, 7:59 AM
I've been wondering how my email started getting spam after about 6 spam-free years. Sure enough, looked through my archives and have received a greeting card. Only about 6 a day though.
On a side rant. I have received spam from most of the programs that are supposed to prevent spam. That really makes me want to buy them ... NOT.

Lee Schierer
04-14-2003, 10:40 AM
I personally can say that I've never purchased a single item from a spammer. I also don't know anyone that has.

How do these people stay in business if no one is buying anything from them?

As a side note, earlink's spam eliminator has done a great job getting rid of most of the spam. We still get virus emails with the klez virus attached periodically, but most of the spam is gone.