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Byron Trantham
01-09-2005, 10:35 PM
The following is an email I received and thought that since we spent so much taime discussing Craftsman tools, it might be nice to know what the Corporation is doing.

"I assume you have all seen the reports about how Sears is treating its reservist employees who are called up? By law, they are required to hold their jobs open and available, but nothing more. Usually, people take a big pay cut and lose benefits as a result of being called up.

Sears is voluntarily paying the difference in salaries and maintaining all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs, for all called up reservist employees for up to two years. I submit that Sears is an exemplary corporate citizen and should be recognized for its contribution.

Suggest we all shop at Sears, and be sure to find a manager to tell them why we are there so the company gets the positive reinforcement it well deserves. Pass it on."

So I decided to check it out before I sent it forward. I sent the following email to the Sears Customer Service Department:

I received this email and I would like to know if it is true. If it is, the Internet may have just become one very good source of advertisement for your store. I know I would go out of my way to buy products from Sears instead of another store for a like item even if it was cheaper at the other store.

Here is their answer to my email......................

Dear Customer:

Thank you for contacting Sears.

The information is factual. We appreciate your positive feedback. Sears regards service to our country as one of greatest sacrifices our young men and women can make. We are happy to do our part to lessen the burden they bear at this time.

Bill Thorn

Sears Customer Care

webcenter@searscom <mailto: webcenter@searscom



Keith Outten
01-10-2005, 7:37 AM

This isn't as unusual as you would think, in the late 1970's Newport News Industrial Corporation a subsidiary of Newport News Shipbuilding provided the same benefits to me when I transfered from active to reserve status. During periods of reserve duty I was compensated at my normal rate by the company. At one point my unit was activated for a special mission in the Middle East and NNIC kept my paycheck coming just as if I was still working, fortunately the mission was canceled at the last minute but my training time at Little Creek wasn't a financial burden which I certainly appreciated.

I think that most large corporations have these kinds of policies in place to protect their employees that are reservists who are activated. Sears certainly should be thanked for being supportive of our Military, I would feel better if our Government paid them a reasonable salary in the first place so they don't have to suffer financially in order to serve their Country.

Ken Fitzgerald
01-10-2005, 9:08 AM
In the recent past General Electric Medical Systems did the same for a co-worker of mine .......payed the difference between his salary and what the DOD paid him when he was recalled.

Jeff Sudmeier
01-10-2005, 2:00 PM
My place of employement (now owned by Sears) has had this policy since the company was founded. I feel that it is a great way for the companies to thank their employees for making the sacrifice.

Rich Konopka
01-10-2005, 4:25 PM

Another thing to buy at Sears are the Craftsman Hand Tools which are made in the Gold Ole USA. I was in Sears a week ago and I could not help to notice all of the Made in the USA logos on the packaging.

Regarding the support of our troops. IMO, it should be Law for all larger corporations to provide the benefits and difference in pay not just have the job available when they come back.