View Full Version : Light weight bed frame lumber choice?

Tony Sade
01-09-2005, 8:16 AM
I just got a Select Comfort/Sleep NumberŪ bed. While I'm not yet convinced it's the answer to my sore back in the morning woes (guess I haven't found my "number" yet) I am convinced that the platform that comes as part of the set is a real rip off-$400 for about $20 worth of injection molded plastic. I'm sure I could easily construct a replacement with some 1 x 6s, joist hangers, and a couple of sheets of 3/4 AC ply. If I go that route, and can return just the platform, I'd like to keep the weight down. I guess I could try some of the "I-beam" joists, but I'm not sure I can find any off the shelf in the size I need or whether that is the best choice. Any alternative suggestions? Thanks

Tim Morton
01-09-2005, 9:21 AM
I built a king-size platform bed for a memory foam mattress and instead of using 3/4 ply, I went to HG and they have these bundled 1"x2" cheap peices of pine (I think)..I used my Miter saw to cut them to length and cost was like 10 bucks total, plus some 6 2"x6"'s...I don't think it was TOO heavy but really solid. I covered the top with a scrap of carpet pad and wrapped it with a fitted sheet. Then my wife threw a dust ruffle over it and we were done. savings $375 bucks, whihc then goes directly into the tool fund!!! :D