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Michael Stafford
01-08-2005, 11:17 AM
I am thoroughly confused.

I received this new computer for Christmas with XP Professional and MacAfee as the virus/spamware/popup blocker.

Until I started using this computer I have never had any problems viewing any picture posts on SMC before. Now I can only see about half of them and most of the time it reads "Attached Images" in the box where the photo posts should be.

I am not having this problem on any other websites so what is the difference and how did I create it or how do I fix it? :confused:

I fear it is the proverbial pilot error but this is one old pilot that is stuck as to the solution. :o

Any help appreciated. Thanks...

Ted Shrader
01-08-2005, 11:28 AM
Mike -

In the Options portion of Windows XP Security (w/SP@) and in MacAffe there will be a place to "Allow" certain sites. Make sure SMC is on the list. However, some people put links in their posts to pictures that reside on their sites, these may also have to be given permission.

You can right click an image and view source to see where it is from.

Good luck,

Jim Becker
01-08-2005, 12:24 PM
While it's nice to have all the bells and whistles in the McAfee suite, many folks complain about things like this. I currently do use McAfee for my virus protection, but prefer ZoneAlarm for firewall, IE and Google for "popup blocking" as well as AdAware and PestPatrol for scum-ware detection. I use Mailwasher Pro to screen for spam before email even gets downloaded to Outlook. Using the separate applications allows for easier customization, IMHO, as the "additional functions" for all of these tend to cause problems. For example, ZoneAlarm has a bunch of "privacy" features, but they wreak havock with normal operation of many sites. McAfee's firewall is comprehensive, but I find it a bugger to configure when compared to ZoneAlarm, which I've used for a very long time. Microsoft's firewall only protects from incoming threats, no outgoing ones. Etc.

But regardless, Ted is correct...for SMC to work properly, you may need to add it to the "white list" of various security applications, especially for pop-ups which you need to be able to use for certain functions at the site. Graphics being pulled from the SMC database are also served as "attachments" which some of the latest security software gets upset about without your guidance.