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Dr. Zack Jennings
04-10-2003, 7:04 PM
Shop Dog(s) ? ?

I have very little experience with pets or disciplining pets. I'm single, have a large house and yard next to a highway. My dental assistant found 3 stray Beagles (I hope they are Beagles). There are a male & female available. I'm tempted to get both so they will have company. My sister has 2 dogs different ages and, of course, one is dominant. I'm thinking litter mates may be more agreeable and I can avoid any introduction rivalry. I expect rivalry, never the less. It's just the nature of the beast.

I do plan for the dogs to live outside.
I do plan to let them inside to visit at night, etc.
I'm getting a portable pen, 6' X 10' and a plastic doghouse.
I will have both dogs neutered.

Eventually, I plan to get rid of the portable pen and let the dog(s) live in a courtyard in front of the house.
<Center>One Dog or Two ?

Please vote and give me reasons to consider and advice as a new dog owner. I do have lots of friends with experience including a vet and a kennel owner.

Joe Tonich
04-10-2003, 8:58 PM
Dr. Zack,
I can't see 1 dog, much less 2 living in a 6x10' pen. Not enough room to run or play. Maybe think of fencing in the yard or getting an "invisible" fence to keep it/them in. I know first hand that dogs and highways don't mix! As for one or two, if your gone most of the day, two keep each other company. You might have a problem with the male with it "marking" it's territory(sp?) (walls, beds, kids toys, etc...) everywhere. I had that problem with a Springer Spaniel. Good luck with whichever option you decide on!!


Kevin Gerstenecker
04-10-2003, 9:11 PM
Dr. Zach.
I have had several Beagles over the years.....not that I hunt Rabbits...I am a Upland Bird Guy, but they are GREAT little Dogs! They are very loyal, and take to training like a fish to water. They love to run and roam, but they will do well kenneled as well. Having the Neuter/Spay procedure is a good idea also. They don't mine being penned up, so long as you have somewhere you can let them run once in a while. If you have never seen them run rabbits, that is a treat you will always remember. Having a Vet Friend should help, he/she can probably help you with more information on training and care. My vote says get them, give them a good home, love them as your children, and they will give that much and more in return. VERY cool little Dogs, you will not be disappointed. Just like kids, they need love, patience and understanding................but then again, so does Wood! You are a natural already! Please let us know when you get them, and what their names are. Of course, like any project in progress, we will need regular updates..........and PICTURES! Good Luck Doc, you will be rewarded for your kindness!

Kevin Gerstenecker
04-10-2003, 9:18 PM
...........I don't know if you have ever read the Book "Where the Red Fern Grows", written by Wilson Rawls, but there was a young boy that had 2 dogs. He saved for years to buy them, and he named them "Old Dan" & "Little Ann". Read that book as a kid, and several times since. Great Book, sad ending, but a great read. Neat names for dogs too. (I always wanted to name a pair of dogs after that book, just might someday.)

Dr. Zack Jennings
04-11-2003, 8:35 AM
Something to Consider

I do plan to let the dog(s) in the house when I'm home at night and, if they are well trained and behave, let them in the shop and ride in the car.

One dog, at a time, will be easier to train in the house. How do I keep up with 2 dogs in the house and catch them misbehaving? Does it make sense to train one then get a second later??

I know a 6 X 10 pen is small but my friend and many hunters keep dogs in those pens for life. They do get them out for exercise and hunting. I plan to move them into my courtyard ( 16' X 50') after they mature. But.... if they constantly tear up my courtyard, they will have to be penned up when I'm not outside or when I'm not at home.

The best argumement I've heard for 2 dogs is they keep each other company and may bark less (but not necessarily). My nearest neigbor's house is 100 yards away... so barking is not a big concern

Kevin Gerstenecker
04-11-2003, 8:55 AM
Getting Both Dogs, and trying to get them housebroken, if that is your concern, is not really harder with 2 versus 1. I have never had to deal with trying to housebreak 2 at once however, but either way will be a challenge. You have to remember that they are puppies, and puppies have accidents and like to chew on things. Whatever you do, DON'T give them old shoes as toys.........if you do, they will chew up shoes forever! Make sure that the pups have plenty of toys to focus their attention on, and if their playthings are totally different than anything else laying around the house, they will soon learn what is and isn't off limits. In my experience with Beagle Dogs, they aren't diggers, so digging up the yard shouldn't be a problem, but you never know. Digging is usually done out of boredom. If they have one another for company, and some toys to focus their attention on while in the courtyard, they probably won't be digging holes everywhere. If they do, you just have to disipline them to program different behavior. What most people don't realize that is the puppies need to be physically taken outside often during the housebreaking process. Watch for them to do their duty, and them heap praise on them when they do. It is hard to punish them when they have an accident in the house, because the are just pups and don;t realize what they have done. Once they get into the routine of going to the same door, and going to the bathroom outside and getting praised for it, they will learn that is the thing to do. Some dogs take to housebreaking quickly, and some will have you pulling your hair out. It may be a little difficult to housebreak them, and keeping them that way, if they will be spending the majority of their time outside. But, with a little patience and understanding, they can be very well behaved, and great companions.

Von Bickley
04-11-2003, 9:54 AM
Hi Doc,

Wish you luck with the dogs. Been there, done that. Every dog that we have had digs holes everywhere. Tired of covering up holes and stepping in poop. Don't want anything that requires my time. Would rather spend my time doing other things.