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Bob Davis
12-21-2010, 9:51 PM
We have a large number (18k+) of Corel files on our computers (Win 7) and have found that there can be a considerable delay in displaying the folder contents. Despite fast chips, lots of RAM etc there would usually be a delay of 7-10 seconds before the folder contents are displayed on screen.
I'm not known for my patience at the best of times, and I found that the continual delays were really irritating. 7 to 10 seconds is just enough time to disrupt the workflow and lose focus on the task at hand.
Well, after a bit of Googling I found that the reason for that delay is that the OS takes much longer to display the contents of a folder when there are a variety of file types in it. The simple cure is to move any non-.cdr files to a sub folder.
After moving the accumulated .eps/.bmp/.psd etc files out of the main folder the system now displays the content almost instantly.

Michael Kowalczyk
12-22-2010, 1:03 AM
Hey Bob,
If you want to double your speed, send 9K of your files to me. ;)
Thanks for sharing that tid bit of info.

Robert Walters
12-22-2010, 1:28 AM
That's more than likely Win7's scanning each file for it's content to be able to generate thumbnails and other metadata.

You can disable this functionality: