View Full Version : Kangaroo On the loose in my home town!

Jeff Sudmeier
01-05-2005, 1:58 PM
See this link for the news story:

More about the kangaroo, in Dodgeville, Wisconsin

Great News to All

Roo got out of the fence and returned to the barn. He is staying in a horse stall. They believe that he has been staying there for the last couple of nights, to be in out of the cold (he has made himself a bed that he went right back when he got out of the fence). He apparently found some apples and has been returning through out the week to eat them. Roo is trapped in the barn so he won't get out again, and does not seem to have a desire to leave. We have a Roo sitter (patrol officer) that has purchased a bag of apples and his feeding him. What do you feed a kangaroo? Anyway he is going to Henry Vilas Zoo as soon as the zoo people arrive to get him. We are not sure if he will stay there or be transported to a different zoo at a later date. But they are reporting that he seems to be uninjured and healthly.

Watch the news for a further update on Roo. Everyone has been calling into the office for a press release including Good Morning America. I am sure you will see live footage tomorrow. My understanding is that Channel 3 is down to do some live taping of Roo in the barn and his farewell to the zoo. For now the "Kangaroo Hunting" is over, at least in Iowa County.

I am happy that he is getting a home, and is not hurt.