View Full Version : Rub n Buff Clean up

George McGinnis
12-20-2010, 1:33 PM
What is the easiest way to clean rub n buff off unengraved rosewood. I'm messing with rosewood again and tried some using no mask and it will not come off clean. Also tried some with a mask and the gold pulled out of the text. What am I doing wrong?

John Noell
12-20-2010, 1:44 PM
Because the RnB has a solvent base that easily penetrates unfinished wood, I don't know how to remove it other than deep sanding. I have found that if you raster a bit deeper and (most importantly) make sure that the RnB does not exceed the surface of the mask, it will not pull out. When I apply it, I rub it in pretty well, and make sure that there is very lttle excess on the surface of the mask- keep it in the rastered out grooves. Then I wait 8-24 hours and pull the tape off at an acute angle (just as if I was removing paint masking). With this method I no longer have any pull out. I should add that DNA readily dissolves it so that is what I use for clean up when needed.

George McGinnis
12-20-2010, 1:45 PM
Maybe thats my problem I only waited 2 hrs.

Gary Hair
12-20-2010, 2:38 PM
I use a mask and apply the RnB with a stencil brush instead of rubbing it in. The brush forces it into the lettering much better than you'll ever get rubbing it in. I had a recent job of lettering 100 plaques and it made it a breeze this way. Oh, and I peeled off the mask within a few minutes of application, not sure why you would need more than that, no way you would need several hours.