View Full Version : End-O-Pond Picnic last minute instructions

Ray Thompson
04-09-2003, 11:03 PM
I finally got a phone hooked up for the picnic and the number is 765.779.4240. There is an answering machine so if I am not in the immediate area leave a message and I will get right back to you.

For parking, the good news is there is no dust to get on your car. As you enter the driveway you can part on either side going back to the barn. On the right side of the drive angle parking will be best for getting the most use of the space. When the driveway is full go past the barn and park in the yard on the left side of the drive going back to the new house. Please keep the apron to the barn open for unloading of equipment, tables and such, then after unloading park in the yard so others can unload. Lets keep the right side of the drive opposite the barn for handicap parking, also we will keep the alfalfa field open for any overflow parking to keep damage to the crop to a minimum.

See ya this weekend. Ray

Jim Baker
04-10-2003, 1:18 PM
Thanks for the update, Ray. We look forward to meeting everyone this weekend.