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Viktor Voroncov
12-04-2010, 10:27 AM
Want share IMHO best air extraction/cleaning unit I ever seen.
My customer with Mercury 25. He is working in office building in city centre. Main business is rubber stamps. He start in 2005 when all rubber was odor strong :D so air extraction/cleaning was one of the key issues. This project was made by special ventilation company, budget was about 2500 USD, from this amount 1200 was paid for crane work during pipes installation from First floor to roof.
Customer have small room - about 36 sq.m. In this room was everything - design, customers reception, copiers, binders and etc. So from beginning laser was placed in corner and walls from PVC window profile were built around laser. Really to move laser out of small room, customer must remove walls first, as small door do not allowed take laser out. When walls were built - customer have small room about 3 sq.m with glass walls.
All wall-to-wall, wall-floor, wall-ceiling connections were processed with hermetic. On top of the door you can see ventilations holes for air flowing inside small room.
All pipes used are rigid and straight, not corrugated. Before air pump you can see filter box. Inside is usual air filter from truck. Box is easy to open and change filter. Usually they change filter every three months and cost of filter is just 3-5 USD.
Air pump is powerful, because air from lasering must be pushed to the roof of building - at least 9 meters height. After pump another bended pipe is from room to outside building and straight pipe to the roof.
Take your attention on HOW all connections are isolated. When laser working with rubber, very light smell is inside small room, and practically no smell in rest of office room.

Dan Hintz
12-04-2010, 12:00 PM
I see "extraction", but I can't tell if there's any actual "cleaning".

Viktor Voroncov
12-04-2010, 2:20 PM
Dan, you are right. But everything was made according local regulations. The main requirement was that top of extraction tube chould be 80 cm above roof.