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John Mark Johnson
11-25-2010, 11:33 PM
Hi all

I'm new to the forum and am having a great time reading all the post.
I saw a christmas design from Laser Buzz but can't find it again, could someone redirect me to that post, also any other designs I could try would begreatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Todd MacKinnon
11-25-2010, 11:51 PM
here is a link I found for Laser Buzz Xmas design of a 357 magnum


Mike Null
11-26-2010, 9:23 AM

Welcome to SMC. Using the search function will help speed up finding various topics of interest to you.

Martin Boekers
11-26-2010, 4:40 PM
As Mike said, search under ornaments you'll find many that members
so generously let us use.


Mike vonBuelow
11-26-2010, 4:50 PM
Welcome to SMC ! I'm a NEWB too, this is a great place!!!

Dean Fowell
11-26-2010, 10:00 PM
Welcome I am new to this site as well and last week I was up late yhis is a awsome place nice people


Dee Gallo
11-26-2010, 10:08 PM
Welcome to the Creek, John! If you search under specific related words such as "snowflake" you will come up with loads of designs as well.

This is a very generous group of people, so as a result there are tons of great ideas, designs and corel files scattered all over the place. Have fun, it's like a scavenger hunt sometimes!

cheers, dee