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Hussain ZAKARIYA . Kuwait
11-21-2010, 5:25 PM
hello every one , i`m new in this laser world and i will recieve my uls4.60 soon and now i`m searching for plastics online . i think the name of the 2 color plastic is abs so where can i fing a supplier online ? i make serach but there is nothing


Scott Shepherd
11-21-2010, 5:32 PM
Welcome! And good luck with your new laser. I can't tell you a supplier for your part of the world, but the two main manufacturers are IPI and Rowmark.

Their sites are inoplas(dot)com and rowmark(dot)com. They both make the 2 ply engraving plastic you are looking for. I'm sure if you contact them, they will be able to tell you who can help you in that part of the world.

Congratulations on your new machine!

Joe Pelonio
11-21-2010, 5:45 PM
And it's a form of acrylic (impact modified), not ABS. Rowmark has distributors in South Africa and Algeria.

Mike Null
11-22-2010, 2:37 PM
Can your ULS distributor give you some advice here?

Niklas Bjornestal
11-23-2010, 3:15 PM
I think your closest distributor for rowmarks materials is http://www.signtradeonline.com/home.asp located in Dubai