View Full Version : Does anyone have a clue how to do the edge of something 12" around

Tom Delaney
11-20-2010, 2:29 PM
The local jewelry store sent someone to me because they couldn't do it. They have a gold plated cover for a church urn. It is 12" across and the top itself if 1 1/2 inches wide - with a 2" cross on the top center (so it isn't balanced). They want a memorial on the edge. My machine will go to about 8" in depth but then I'd still have the problem of balancing it on the rotary - and that would itself be a challenge. They are willing to send it out somewhere if somebody has the ability. Let me know and I'll put them in contact with you. Otherwise I've talked them into doing the top - but the jewelry store can do that so I've suggested they take it back to them. I'm not one to bite a hand that feeds me... Thanks.;)

Kathy Madan
11-22-2010, 12:03 AM
I am trying to picture the urn from your description, but am not quite following. Can you post a photo? I may be able to engrave that with my rotary diamond engraver.