View Full Version : One Hello of a Saw...Bet you don't have one of these.

Roger Bullock
11-19-2010, 3:10 PM
I was in the shop yesterday when I heard one heck of a loud, weird noise outside. We live close to an overland high voltage power line and this is what I saw coming down the tree line. I estimate the blades to be around 36 inches and it sure made the tree limbs fly. If you ever wondered what to get that woodworker friend that seems to have every tool in the book....well this might be it.

Garrett Ellis
11-19-2010, 3:12 PM
reminds me of "the world is not enough"


Dan Karachio
11-19-2010, 3:49 PM
If I had seen that think over me, I think I'd be a little shaken and stirred up! Ellis, Garrett Ellis, you beat me to it. Yes, this saw is capable of sawing a modified armored BMW spy car in half. An Aston Martin spy car? No way.

Jim Underwood
11-20-2010, 8:59 AM
You can see one of these in action if you search over on YouTube...

They scare the heck outa me... :eek: And I've never even seen one live. I can't imagine what these pilots are thinking...

I mean... what're ya gonna do if the thing gets hung up?:confused: