View Full Version : I'm officially excited!

Mike vonBuelow
11-14-2010, 9:50 PM
After a few token test pieces, here was my first large piece - appx 15" diameter tree slice.

Artwork is OK Air Nat'l Guard tailflash

It was a good day!

Darryl Jacobs
11-14-2010, 10:53 PM
Very interesting idea. Do you prep the wood surface at all? Sand, polish, etc.?

Michael Simpson Virgina
11-14-2010, 11:11 PM
I do hope the wood was seasoned abit. If not it will most likely crack and split.

Mike vonBuelow
11-15-2010, 8:16 AM
This was just a test piece, no wood prep at all.

Future projects will have sanding, polishing, staining, paint, etc....

This was fresh cut, so I fully anticipate splitting :( but I will be putting some sealer on future projects

Michael Hunter
11-15-2010, 9:04 AM
Nice job!

It looks from the picture as though the wood has already dried out fairly well.
If you keep it indoors in the warm, then any cracking will start within a few days - then you will know what to expect for next time.

Mike vonBuelow
11-15-2010, 11:58 AM
Good idea - keeping it indoors to test crack parameters - thanks!!

I'm guessing the dry time outdoors to be a month (?) maybe longer with the colder weather approaching. Right now the other slices are in the garage - so still drying, just not as cold as the outside.

Should I be using any sealant while it dries, or is that counter-productive?

Martin Boekers
11-15-2010, 1:30 PM
You may want to check with the woodworking side of the forum, they
may be able to guide you towards finishing and prepping the wood
to minimize cracks and warpage.


Dee Gallo
11-15-2010, 8:41 PM
I like the concept and would like to make a suggestion for next time: reduce the size of the graphic to create better balance. Your image overpowers the space unevenly. I've Photoshopped an alternative but similar layout for you to see what I mean. The size of the slab is big enough to handle a slightly smaller image.

Other than that, I feel you have created a very nice feeling piece with strength and power, almost like the tree was cut down and this image was found inside.

cheers, dee

Mike vonBuelow
11-15-2010, 11:05 PM
I did have the alignment off, and would have centered it as you suggested.

Thanks!! :)

Jim Underwood
11-16-2010, 11:00 AM
Unless you dry that slab extremely well and slow, a pie shape crack will develope. It's end grain which will lose moisture rapidly. The larger outside diameter will shrink as rapidly as the smaller inside, and the crack will start at the edge.

The turning forum may be the best place to start doing your research, on how to treat the wood... Turners usually work with green wood moreso than most of the flatworkers.

There are various methods of treating/sealing the wood before drying to prevent cracking, such as soaking in liquid dish detergent solution, or denatured alcohol.. For smaller pieces some folks like to use a microwave (in small stages to prevent fires!:eek:).

Good luck!